Prada’s New Timecapsule NFTs Will Drop Jan 5th

Prada's New Timecapsule NFTs Will Drop Jan 5th

Prada Timecapsule NFT is a limited edition shirt collection with a corresponding nonfungible token. The NFT allows you to join Prada exclusive Crypted NFT community on Discord. Discord members get exclusive events and experiences provided by them.

The shirt features a print designed in 1969 by famous Italian photographer Enzo Ragazzini. The holder can enjoy exclusive access to events and experiences organized by the brand. They are going to Milan for Prada menswear fall/winter of 2023. The Prada Timecapsule Drop is a collectible for fans of the brand. It opens to customers in various countries for 24 hours, starting January 5th, 2023.

Each drop only contains 50 items, similar to the last fall. Holders must verify ownership of their time capsule NFT to ensure the item’s value. Holder would be excluded from all benefits with the thing if he did not prove it. Prados successful web3 movement of 2022 has allowed it to reach new audiences.

Shirts and gift NFTs give holders unique experiences and more value on paper and digital things. Prados sets the stage for a new era of luxury fashion that combines technology and craftsmanship.

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