Web 3.0 Brands Relying on TikTok

web 3.0 brands

Brands have been aware of TikTok’s influence. Common, everyday people create content on TikTok, which is consumed by millions, if not billions.

Web 3.0 brands didn’t embrace TikTok as a viable source of clout. But as the crypto winter gold colder and darker, these brands realized how much they need the current web 2.0 audience.

Some of these brands are even developing their own apps, to mimic the success of TikTok but in the Web 3.0 space.

RSTLSS is one of those apps. When developing, the founder envisioned an app unlike any in the Web 3.0 space. It minted 1,000 NFTs and distributed them using its own channels. They’ve made a UX that’s user-friendly and can help people mint NFTs easily.

More Web 3.0 brands can learn from the RSTLSS experiment and gain an already-engaged audience in the process.

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