Humanity in art and six-modified Rolls-Royces: the beautiful charitable world of Sacha Jafri


Tour of humanity 2021 was the 2nd most expensive painting of a living artist to go under the hammer. Jafri’s latest project is a series of modified Rolls Royce cars. Colossal artwork about humanity sells for millions to only one owner. Sacha Jafri has created an NFT for each of the six distinct Rolls-Royces. If he sells the NFT, twenty percent will go to a charity digital wallet.

Each of the six cars is modeled after different elements Earth, air, wind, water, fire, and Jafri’s addition. The modifications come in five forms. There is NFT in the glove compartment. All six custom Rolls-Royce Phantom Series IIs have already been snapped up to ‘exceptional homes’ Jafri created the universe of the child series from his experiences with children at the camps.

He donated 12 million dollars to the bases when he was 15. The first four charities for the rolls-Royce project are ones close to Jafri’s heart. They are Harmony House, two full-time villa communities, providing over 1000 women and children from slums in India where they can get an education and nutrition.

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