Mastercard Taps Polygon to Empower Emerging Artists in Web3


Mastercard partners with polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform, to get emerging artists in Web3 technology. Mastercard Artist Accelerator will teach five emerging artists how to utilize Blockchain technology to grow their brand and fan engagement.

Mastercard teamed up with polygon to teach five emerging artists how to do a series of activities that will allow them to cut their autonomy and freedom. The significance of decentralized technologies for Mastercard is clear, as it seeks to empower new artists in the ecosystem to reach relevance on their own.

Sergio Goschenko is a cryptocurrency journalist based in Venezuela. He is an expert in cryptocurrency journalism. Goschenko: I’m not a crypto expert but a journalist with a passion for cryptocurrency. He lives in Venezuela and is affected by the crypto boom on a social level. He says he was late to the game in the cryptosphere when crypto prices rose in December 2017.

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