The 7 best Ethereum games to play in 2023


It is becoming increasingly popular to enjoy play-to-earn games to earn passive income. This blog article examines some of the finest Ethereum games that provide rewards for playing them. In addition to providing a great opportunity for fun and entertainment, these games can also provide an opportunity to earn some additional income.

The following is a list of the top 7 Ethereum games. Investors should keep an eye out for 2023.

  1. Big Time – An action role-playing game in which players travel through time.

  2. Sorare – A fantasy sports game in which you can buy, sell, and trade NFT cards of real-world footballers and MLB players.

  3. Decentraland – A virtual world, or metaverse, Ethereum game, in which players can play games, explore, and socialize.

  4. Champions Ascension – A fantasy game in development that allows players to explore, fight, and earn rewards using unique NFT champions.

  5. Sidus Heroes – Set within an open universe, the game offers a political system in which players can create parties, lobby interests, and serve as ministers and presidents.

  6. Illuvium – An open-world fantasy role-playing game that allows players to explore the land, gather illuvial, and fight against one another.

  7. Impostors – It is a AAA social gaming metaverse where players are truly in control. Moreover, its first game mode will be a social deduction game.

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