Hockeyverse – The First Metaverse by Hockey India


Hockey is India’s national sport. To welcome Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023, Hockey India has launched a metaverse – Hockeyverse. The metaverse has been made to introduce the sport to the new generation.

The entry is very simple. You create an account and visit the virtual world. There’s no entry fee. You can see everything from the comfort of your home. If you’re a Hockey fan, this will be a treat for your senses.

You will visit the newly built Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium. The team behind the Hockeyverse has spared no detail in building the virtual stadium. You will also find a Time Travel room displaying past achievements and other records.

Visitors will also visit the team practice and trophy rooms. They can also take selfies with the players.

Overall, the metaverse experience will increase engagement and build up the hype for the upcoming Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023.

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