BBK Virtual – First Metaverse for Gulf Banks

BBK Virtual

Banking is a sector known for its cumbersome practices. BBK Virtual is an effort by BBK to change that perspective. If you’re not aware, BBK –Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait– is a collaboration between stakeholders of both countries.

The bank is known for its consumer-first practices. In its attempts, the bank has developed a metaverse platform of its own. The platform will add to the user experience. You will easily access the metaverse if you visit their website or follow their social media channels.

BBK Virtual, as it is called, is a first-of-its-kind metaverse platform for the Gulf banks. It puts BBK ahead of the curve, and we may see more banks follow suit.

Users will get a complete banking experience, in a 3D world, from the comfort of their homes. According to officials at BBK, this is to future-proof the bank. In the future, when we see more people visiting the metaverse, this bank will have an established user base.

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