Creator Economy Outlook: Metaverse and AI

Creator Economy

Content creators are a big part of how we perceive brands. They have a huge influence over how we receive the message. The creator economy is a pool that brands want to dip their toes in.

Each social media platform has its own set of rules that creators have to abide by. YouTube, for example, is driven by informative content while Instagram is used for more glamorous products.

Brands have to pick and choose their audience carefully. And the social media platform they will be targeting their audience through.

So it’s no surprise that these brands are focusing on AI creators. These creators will cater to their message, without any hassle.

But creating relevant content that matches your brand is one thing. Having social media clout is another.

Over the years, we may see metaverse and AI become huge players in the creator economy. But for now, all of it remains to be seen.

If that is to happen, we may see a decline in real creators and have AI bots deliver corporate messages. Or maybe we’ll see AI that behaves like humans and actually gains followers in the process.

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