Metaverse Seminar by SIBM Pune and Swansea University

Metaverse Seminar

Metaverse is changing how we approach many technologies. AI technology and the metaverse have been growing at staggering rates. Every sector will benefit from this growth. SIBM Pune and Swansea University are launching a metaverse seminar to capitalize on it.

This seminar will be called The Digital Future for Business & Society: Emerging Perspectives on the Metaverse. Two big names in the education sector, Dr Yogesh K. Dwivedi and Dr Laurie Hughes, will be at the helm of this event.

You can expect discussions on Metaverse, its potential use cases, and its impact on our lives. You’ll see different perspectives and a healthy discussion on each use case.

The world is ready for this discourse and to explore the metaverse.

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