Rotate and Remain Join the Metaverse

Rotate and Remain

Rotate and Remain, Scandinavia’s biggest fashion brands, are bringing their articles to the metaverse. Birger Christensen is the parent company behind these juggernauts.

These will be leveraging metaverse to reach a new audience. They’re using the Ifland metaverse as their testing ground. Ifland is the second biggest metaverse from Korea, with a global audience.

If companies like Rotate and Remain can utilize the metaverse, they have a chance to get even bigger in terms of market share.

Danish brands are reluctant. They don’t feel comfortable with new technology, and digital fashion is something they’re not comfortable with. So Scandi brands taking such a step, that’s a great leap forward.

We may see other brands follow suit and start their own digital chains in different metaverses.

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