CES 2023: Major Takeaways

CES 2023

CES 2023 has ended, but not without our major takeaways. We’re here to walk you through every major tech announcement of the CES event.

Metaverse Changes Direction

If metaverse was the buzzword of 2022, this year, the concept matured. Instead of selling a virtual life, big tech is going for a more educated angle. They’re targeting the education department and productivity.

Microsoft and other major players are experimenting with the technology to bring an experience that will teach. So will this be the major trend for the metaverse moving forward? Let’s see.

Advancements in VR

If you’ve been waiting for a more user-friendly VR headset, CES 2023 had it. HTC unveiled a sleek VR headset that can be worn like goggles. Other changes in VR were improved haptics. Now users can experience what they’re holding in the metaverse through haptic feedback.

Even our nose is going to be a part of the metaverse. A specific scent pack will transport your smell to the metaverse.

Cars Got Emotional

Smart cars have been focused on self-driving. During CES 2023, we saw actually smart carts that focused more on emotional intelligence.

In-car entertainment has also taken a hike. Enjoy an immersive experience with a newly designed interior that will put comfort and entertainment at the center.

Digital Health Becomes Reality

During Covid-19, digital health became a staple of the healthcare industry. Now technology is becoming more mainstream. Wearable rings that will tell about vitals and share the data in real time with relevant people.

Kitchen Isn’t Behind

Smart homes are becoming a reality. That includes the kitchen. Smart fridges and smart pans were unveiled at CES 2023 to a good response. Fridges with screens and internet connection will be available soon.

There’s so much more that we can cover but let’s stop here.

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