5 SocialFi projects to watch at the Pi Network Hackathon


We take a closer look at five SocialFi decentralized applications that have caught our attention at the ongoing Pi Hackathon in 2023. Here are five SocialFi Dapps that offer innovative features:


The core vision of PiVoice is to bridge Web2 and Web3, allowing users to access Web2 services using Pi coin. Additionally, it is a platform based on the Pi Network that allows Pioneers to connect their social life with their Pi Wallets.


Pi Network’s SocialFi platform allows Pioneers to create their articles. Moreover, it publishes paid visible content, shares knowledge, and earns native Pi currency.


With Connectinglive, individuals can buy and sell services online and connect. The platform will provide a user-friendly interface for users to list and discover services and interact with one another regarding potential transactions.


Pioneers can use PiChat to stay in touch with their friends, families, and loved ones and stay up-to-date with current events and news. In addition, the team has a vision to become the leading social networking application in the industry. The platform aims to share 95% of the revenue with all users.

Pi Webinars

In the Pi Network, Pi Webinars is the first decentralized educational video platform. Moreover, users can upload educational videos and watch them in exchange for Pi. As a Business Model application, this is the project’s second appearance at the Pi Hackathon after making its debut in 2021.

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