Google Ads-delivered malware drains NFT influencer’s entire crypto wallet

An NFT influencer says he lost a life-changing amount of his net worth in nonfungible tokens. He is 14 years old and uses google search to download open-source video streaming software. The pseudo-anonymous influencer on Twitter posted a series of tweets in January. At least 19 Ether ETH $1,577 worth nearly $27,000 at the time, a Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFT with a current floor price of 16 ETH ($25,000), and multiple other NFTs were siphoned from Alex’s wallet.

A report by the cybersecurity firm Cyble warned that an information-stealing malware called Radamanthys Stealer was spreading through Google Ads. The malware is known as ‘crypto stealing malware’ and can be used to steal a user’s bitcoin. Google says it works with trusted advertisers and partners to prevent ad malware. It also uses proprietary technology and malware detectors to scan Google Ads .  in the help center, google says it uses trusted partners and trusted advertisers to protect it.

The company warns that Google searches are promoting crypto phishing and scam websites. Cointelegraph did not reproduce the results of Alex’s investigation nor check if the malicious website was still active. A malicious website has been identified as being linked to a phishing attack.

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