NFT Influencer’s Wallets Wiped out in OBS Malware Attack

An NFT influencer on Twitter lost his digital asset in a hack on January 14th. One of his nearly 90,000 Twitter followers bought stolen mutant app yacht club NFTs. He offered to return them at a price of over $25,000. A follower alerted Alex that his Twitter account had been hacked. He recovered control of his performance and deleted the scam tweets posted by the hackers.

Hours later, Alex realized that the tweet hack had started a series of attacks. Hackers took control of his Gmail, Discord, and Substack accounts. It sent two emails with phishing links to some 16000 of its customers. Since he hadn’t bought any new NFTs in months, he delayed buying another Ledger cold wallet.

Not purchasing a cold wallet right away was a fatal mistake. Digital security appears in many things you do on the internet. Take care of your wallet before you buy it. If you don’t, your entire digital world will be destroyed.

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