KB Home Joins Decentraland Metaverse

KB Homes

KB Home is shifting its focus towards metaverse. According to many reviews, people prefer a physical visit rather than a virtual one. So why is KB going for the metaverse?

In its defense, KB’s biggest audience is young. They’re millennials, and Gen Z, and metaverse is the technology that will put KB in front of them.

Usually the metaverse is thought to be attract a younger audience that isn’t going to buy a house. But platforms like Decentraland have a healthy mix of users. KB is targeting an audience of 25-40, which is in abundance on Decentraland.

Their goal to disrupt the market by providing sample houses as 3D objects may work wonders. It may not replace the physical experience, not yet, but it can initiate the purchase process, and is much better than watching 2D images on the internet.

Will KB Home win this gamble or will all of this be pointless?

Let’s wait and find out.

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