90s Kids NFT Collection By FVCKRENDER: All You Should Know

The 90’s kids collection is a digital collectible project known as NFT. It is about developing a brand that mixes NFTs with clothing and skateboarding. 90s kids mint began on December 16th, 2022, and sold out within 24 hours. Holders of complete sets of the OG collection (Cone, Keyset, VX, Coffee Cup) will get discounted NFTs after the first drops.

Holders of 90’s Kid NFT with an FVCK_CRYSTAL can. If you stake their NFT inside LVCIDIA, holders get weekly resources. FVCKRENDER is an artist who is self-taught and based in Vancouver, BC. His art is unique and futuristic, and he acts like a self-therapist. He has collaborated with celebrities such as Lil Nas X, LeBron James, Pompano, Spotify, Instagram, and Supreme.

The collection includes 12,969 unique avatars that feature some of FVCKRENDER’s signature elements from the past ten years. Scavenger hunts are where you can be drawn more to the artwork, just like wandering around a museum or gallery. 90’s Kids cofounder Gab Jetski is an experience NFT artist. The artist has an astral reflections collection on Foundation. 90 ”s kids NFT are available online at OpenSea‘s secondary marketplace.

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