IPVERSE (IPVN) Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange

IPVN/USDT trading is now officially available for all users of LBank Exchange. IPVERSE is a digital contents protocol project using NFT; it builds a network for trading all IPs. IPVERSE ecosystem allows creators from all over the world to create and register their own IPs. Creators can register the work as a digital asset with NFT to show their work is valued.

Various digital assets for artworks can be produced and traded as NFT with its irreplicability, scarcity, and security. Crowdfunding through IPVERSE can register a creator’s more developed IP. It uses blockchain’s transparency to complement the opacity of IP owners’ transactions. IP is much more secure as all users can communicate, connect, and scale.

IPVN has a supply total of 3 billion, 3,000,000,000) tokens. 42% is allocated for building the ecosystem, 20% is for public sale, and 4% is for private sale. Investors interested in IPVERSE can easily buy and sell. The platform has over seven million users from more than 210 regions worldwide. It assures the integrity of users’ funds and aims to contribute to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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