Global Collaboration Village to Tackle Most Pressing Challenges

Global Collaboration Village

World Economic Forum (WEC) is building a Global Collaboration Village. This is a joint venture between Accenture, Microsoft, and WEC.

The metaverse aims to bolster collaborative thinking and find solutions through dialogue. The metaverse will be divided into 3 distinct sections.

A town hall. This center will serve as the main meeting place for different stakeholders. Next are collaborative centers. These areas will focus on individual issues and provide an environment to sense those issues in the virtual world.

The last will be Stakeholder campuses. Here all stakeholders will meet to shape how the metaverse behaves. This will be essential in building a homogeneous Global Collaboration Village where everyone has a voice.

Organizations from all over the globe will join the metaverse. What will be the outcome of these virtual meetings? We can only hope for the best.

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