Everdome’s Jezero Spaceport – The Newest Addition to the Metaverse

Jezero Spaceport

Everdome has built a scientifically accurate metaverse replicating the Mars environment. In its newest updates, we’re seeing Jezero Spaceport. This spaceport is right next to the famous crater.

A proper Martian civilization is on the red planet to simulate what it would be like living there. Scientific input helped make the machinery, launch pads, and docks.

Digital avatars assemble rockets on Mars. These rockets are catapulted into space with soft launch pads. Visitors also see an eleven hundred meters high hanger for spaceships.

Rockets help propel the rockets into lower and upper orbits of Mars. We will see even more advancements in the Everdome metaverse. For now, this is the most accurate space metaverse out there.

A budding community right next to the Jezero Spaceport. This is the future that we’re seeing in this metaverse.

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