Floki P2E Game “Valhalla” Gets Major Upgrade 3 Weeks After Release

Floki team

Within three weeks of its official major release on Optimism Goerli, the Floki team released a significant update to Valhalla. The announcement was about its Metaverse Play-to-Earn (P2E) game. In addition to fixing major bugs in the initial release, the new update introduces new features. These features will enhance the gaming experience.

The announcement via the team’s official Twitter account on Monday shared the release notes. It is reported that the update includes online PvP, a new ability system for Veras, an achievement system, updated camera controls, and some performance improvements.

It highlights the Floki team commitment to improving the metaverse game. Moreover, it is one of the leading peer-to-peer games within the crypto community.

According to the announcement of Optimism Goerli’s first major release, ten months after the release of the first testnet phase. Floki’s Valhalla Metaverse is ranking as one of the top crypto metaverses by CoinGecko two days after its release on December 27th.

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