FINTOCH Wins Big International Web3 Technology Awards


FINTOCH has announced a series of conferences scheduled for April. It will take place in the Asia-Pacific region, including in Korea, Hong Kong, India, and Nigeria. The company’s also announced its annual conference in Singapore. This will take place on 12 July as planned details of that event will be announced later.

The summit demonstrated the industry’s resilience and its practitioners’ commitment to improving the market environment. FINTOCH is about improving blockchain security and creating a powerful technology that makes money with ease.

Business executives and government officials from across the globe attended the summit.

It will win the top 10 Web3 technologies innovation award at the world Web3 summit. It has already been won at the North American Blockchain summit. Fontoch wins the Top ten Web3 Technology Innovation Award at the World WEB3 Summit Hong Kong.

It was supported by the Hong Kong government. The whitepaper for its FTC public chain and list of top exchanges is going to be out by the end of March or early April.

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