MIR4 Launches Global New Year’s Event with a New Region and NFT Trading System

The Special MIR4 Global New Year’s Event, presented by Wemade, will take place while we welcome the new year. The blockchain-based title is a success among the masses. They are keeping up with the festivities in the MMORPG with exclusive Boss Raid content.

MIR4 will allow players to explore the Phantasia region along with fresh NFTs on 21st December. Also, you can get Epic Challenge Incense Burner Box, Socks of Wishes (with Magic Square tickets, Secret Peak tickets), and Cordials during the holiday season.

From 28th December, a hunting event will take place for two weeks where players can participate in monster hunts within the MIR content to acquire Wish Letters. The acquired assets can be swapped for Blue Dragon Statues and Enhancement Stones as rewards.

The new region of Phantasia allows the players to explore Sabuk Castle Underground Jail, Ant Hole, Phantasia Desert, and the Sabuk Province, giving them new missions and quests in the new environments. The level limit will be increased to 130, whereas the maximum stage levels in the Tower of Conquest have moved to stage 17.

Apart from the many exciting updates for the players, the new NFT launch will be on 21st December. Allowing safe and secure player-to-player trades, you can enjoy this free-to-play game along with exciting in-app purchases.

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