What is the metaverse and how would it work?

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The metaverse is the next evolution of connected living expected by many to replace the smartphone-led mobile internet. You could change everything in your digital living room with just a swipe of your hand. If your favourite shoe brand says it, your digital home goes crazy and is replaced by a digital shoe boutique.

The metaverse is a virtual world where people exist as 3D avatars. In 1992 the Metaverse, Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, was a digital world. The idea of people meeting geographically separated in virtual space spawned a generation of geeks. It’s challenging to shake with global epidemic and climate disasters.

A true metaverse would require the whole world’s worth of information, services, data and society to be redesigned to talk to each other. Look at the present situation; there is an emergence of the metaverse.

Companies see it coming. Roblox is part game and part social network, halfway between Facebook and Metaverse. Children sitting in servers are enjoying themselves the majority of the time. A virtual influencer in the Roblox game splash visits player made locations and stuff. Young people use Roblox to make money from it and not depend on it.

Decentraland looks like Roblox. It allows you to buy virtual property such as NFTs with cryptocurrency. A mockup video from Meta shows how elements of the metaverse, such as text chats or avatars controlled by your friends, could navigate this bizarre world.

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