JPMorgan ascends to the metaverse


A poster of Jamie Dimon from the JPMorgan Chase Lounge has a tiger roaming around the lounge. The special is about crypto, et cetera . the lounge is a browser-based metaverse backed by the digital currency group.

It was set up by onyx, a JPMorgan blockchain unit formed in 2020. the bank has always pushed blockchain technology; they use it to do the JPM coin. Metaverse is another step in JPMorgan’s crypto and blockchain ecosystem investment.

You can explore the metaverse by acting in avatars and buying goods with its currency. A few internal use cases, such as Christine Moy, are now focused on driving value externally.

The metaverse’s success depends on having a “robust and flexible financial ecosystem” and its core. JPMorgan Payments is an integrated payment hub with everything from payment card ledgering to wallets, says Adit Gadgil.

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