China’s Gen Z Moves Metaverse To The Fore


The metaverse in china has been building from the ground up with the power of young people.  The confidence of the Chinese Gen Z generation is bringing a change that is not seen in China. Ma: gen Z has changed from being made in china to being designed in China.  

E-sports & Gaming Evolution 

Gaming and e-sports are growing in popularity, and quickly becoming mainstream.  Ma mentioned the last match of the team game league of legends last year. The soccer world cup is the largest event in the world.  

The average live audience is 517 million in 2018.  About 500 million people in China watched the live stream on bilibili. Nixon: virtual avatars are becoming popular in China and the growing industry.  

They have risen 70 percent since 2017, and their industry was worth 960 million in China last year.  Nixon is mostly a gen Z millennial group with a large audience. China’s most recognizable virtual influencer is Liu Yexi created on a Chinese version of dooyinher first video that had a mix of virtual and real characters and scenes.  

Nixon says that things like these are not necessarily of the future.  People and brands can begin making their own virtual characters and influencers, he says.

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