Encrypted Game-Pikaster Wins Strategic Investment From Kucoin


The game ‘pikaster’ is becoming popular as the gamefi industry continues to flourish.  Kucoin ventures is a good investment institution that deals in blockchain and distributed technology.  Gamefi projects will raise a total of more than 1by 2021, the amount should exceed eight billion US dollars. Pikaster is the first polygon chain-based card game in metal and the first game by fi.  

It covers games, Defi, NFT, metaverse, DAO social, and many others.  The platform is community-driven and gives players governance, voting, and platform development. A wallet is there for the user to use and chain assets are safer. 

 Players can acquire random pet cards by purchasing their own nfts from trading markets.  A lot of different gameplays make it fun to play expedition, placement, guild group battles, special weather, etc. 

The next steps for pikaster are igos of top exchanges and idos of MLS tokens.  After that, it is expected to officially launch in mid-April.  The company is currently recruiting unions around the world, for cooperation. 

There is no offer to sell or buy, and no responsibility on the official website.  It is up to you whether to invest in security or not.  Get advice on taxes, legal, or business from your business advisor or lawyer. 

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