CEEK City Metaverse News Announces Land Sale & Avatar Store


CEEK VR is a virtual reality and augmented reality NFT platform in the Metaverse called CEEK City.  It already allows music, sports teams, and other content creators to connect with their fans in virtual worlds. 

The company EEK says they will be doing more to make it accessible to everyone regardless of where they live or what device they are using.  The town of COWEN, VA., will have land for sale, allowing anyone to build on it and purchase it. 

 All of the lots will be in the NFT block. All of the CEEK’s NFT are EC 721 standard, and they have an advanced NFT Marketplace.  The Avatar store ‘CEEK VR’ lets you design a 3D avatar in real-time.  You may purchase clothes for your avatar from the creators or any retailer that you prefer. The CEEK VR Roadmap 2022 and the Metaverse have been designed as pollution-free, waste-free spaces.  

It is a place where anyone can exchange information between friends, enjoy concerts, participate in workshops, and have discussions.  Users may purchase art accessories, cars, Meta yachts, and jets, as well as any other items they have imagined. 

The virtual and augmented reality NFT marketplace is projected to exceed 600 billion by 2025.  The Metaverse will have an estimated retail market of eight trillion dollars.  At least one hundred million Americans will be the first users of VR by 2022.

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