NELO Announces the Launch of Their New Site: A Big Step to Virtual World


NELO is a project that aims to provide the best experience possible for anyone developing a gamefi project.  NELO Smart Chain NSC is in the test phase and going to launch its main business.  They want to demonstrate the value of a blockchain in a real-life environment, rather than the reverse way around. 

NELO and GameFI

NELO is driving the blockchain and GameFI forward.  They plan to tie up with existing games to build high-reliability nodes.  The project is aimed at making the best experience possible for game developers. 

NELO is a decentralized blockchain designed to adapt to any gaming needs.  It is designed to be a link between the present and future to create one harmonious ecosystem.  Nelson: NELO allows developers to dream big and make them a reality without any loss. 

NELO has teamed up with a leading game and software development company.  They’re building games for their games and make money from the games.  Players may use Voxedit to create their own VOXEL-based NFT. 

NELO is an Ethereum compliant blockchain protocol and framework.  It eliminates obstacles for Ethereum networks.  Speed, security, and scale are NEO’s priorities and principles.

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