Guardianlink Launches World-First Cricket NFT Game


Maybe NFT could make you money soon.  You do not have to play games to make money.  Maybe you could make money soon with nfts.  If you play games, you may be able to make a profit. 

Guardianlink is making the first NFT cricket games available.  On Android, IOS, and PC, the game will be available on PC, IOS, and IPAD. The multiplayer game is expected to lure NFT, gaming fans, and cricket fans.  

Players can purchase non-fungible tokens and trade them for prizes and other things.  The game will be released on October 1. Guardianlink is working on a marketplace for users to drop trade international and gaming nfts.  

The company aims to introduce players to ownership, players owning NFT real estate, Customizable avatars, and the playable metaverse. CEO says customers can play free or earn money if they want.  

Customers can also play pure entertainment if want a passive income.  He says they can earn money or play for free if it’s fun.

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