Charles & Keith Joins Cryptocurrency And Metaverse Race


Charles and Keith is a homegrown fashion retailer which is launching a cryptocurrency payment mode on its eCommerce site.  This particular one is being made using triple-a and other crypto payments. 

The Charles & Keith booth is open on metaverse until 14 April.  Avatars can try on digital wearables using the physical store experience.  The brand is currently running its spring 2022 floral campaign. 

Spring 2022 is a celebration of hope and new beginnings and enchants you to have a sun-drenched garden.  The colors are pastel, sexy, and the flowers of the season are all accented by bright colors that help the product shine. 

The vault is where the luxury house sells its recent NFT collection and vintage pieces.  It’s a first-of-its-kind holiday-themed experience for fashion fans to explore the metaverse of ralph Lauren.  

The vault was conceived by creative director Alessandro Michele. FUNOMENA is an innovative game developers studio.  The first global ambassador for Charles & Keith Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and virtual land are all part of the metaverse.

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