More Than Just A GameFI Ecosystem -Breaking


Blockchain gaming is expected to grow to 50 billion dollars in 2025.  Gamefi is a combination of the words game and finance.  It uses cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs, and game mechanics to create a virtual environment. 

The company is developing a way of linking a metaverse to blockchain features that don’t annoy you.  Frey is a decentralized network operation, but it cannot be separated from DAO’s governance. 

 The company Frey will continue to grow and release its environmental applications until it is established and decentralized. A bucket in s3 that holds artwork before it is made.  We make artists private so that they do not copy them prior to minting.  

However, we are looking at the future.  Frey will hold a sale on the dodo platform announcing a 1500 whitelist spot for random winners. The FREY IDO sale and whitelist contest are on the launch date of April 6th.  More DEX trading pairs will be opened to allow users to trade. 

 Frey contracts have passed a security audit from CERTIK. Coinquestora has a solid product roadmap in a place where we have the top team.  We want to make blockchain the preferred technology for gaming.  The press release contained no specific information related to the situation. 

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