ZMAX-The Mega NFT Project Beyond Digital Art


A joint venture of four industry leaders is going to create an evolution in Singapore via NFTs.  The team in trance is Arthur lin, Rex Teo, Takahito Irie, and zee zheng as cofounders.  Zmax NFT collections start with zombie pets.

 The code is 11ether and is based on zmax.  The internet will provide purchasers with prior access to the zmax metaverse ecosystem.  Iss will provide airdrops when the international space station flies over the country. 

The limited release 3d voxel zombie pets genesis series is coming in April 2022.  Zmax is a pioneer in bridging the virtual and the real worlds. Rex Teo is the founder of the mutant ape kids club and bored ape teen club.  

He is multidisciplinary and does a lot of video, photography, digital illustration, performance, installation.  Irie Takahiro is the cofounder and chief creative officer for zmax. Takahito was voted one of the top 50 world iconic artists in 2013 and he is set to bring zmax to new.  

Space chain aims to build an open-source blockchain-based satellite network that will allow users to develop and run decentralized applications in space.

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