Qtopia – The First LGBTQ Metaverse is in the Pipeline


Qtopia will be inside the larger metaverse, called the Alphaverse. It is hoped that it will be a safe environment for the LGBTQ. Sponsored by a former chairman and CEO of atari gaming, it is sponsored by Frédéric Chesnais. 

People who live in virtual communities can obtain virtual accessories as NFTs. Anyone who is a homosexual or one of your allies can use a chat. Fans can purchase property on the metaverse before they begin enjoying the game. 

Members of the Qtopia property can purchase the native crypto called UniQoin. The token you can purchase from businesses in both the metaverse and offline. One portion of that would go to LGBTQ charities. 

Weiss and Kaimelman are the cofounders of Qtie, which was previously an LGBTQ social app. Qtopia will partner with AlphaVerseto to launch the first LGBTQ-focused Metaverse. 

Qtopia is a community resource on the Metaverse. It is a place for everyone to share their experiences and ideas. You can chat on TLD or write to us on TLD or send us a message.

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