KaraStar Establishes Itself as a Play & Earn Metaverse Game on GameFi 2.0 Based Ecosystem


The Karastar is a play and earns Metaverse game on a GameFi 2.0. The Ecosystem is based on zero tolerance, zero rewards, and zero deposit. It has been listed on Kucoin Singapore and is currently listed in the US dollar. 

A game is available that allows players to gather resources, learn skills, and experience the gameplay. Karastar will be returning to the Mystery Box but the cryptocurrency will be included. Everyone has access to data about the game and Karass. 

KaraStar Technology Pte. LTD is a blockchain game company based in Singapore.  It develops blockchain-based Metaverse games and gamefi games that allow anyone to own their digital.  

The company has a market presence in India, Brazil, Europe, and other places. All of them are former top game designer engineers from major companies. They desire to create a metaverse where everyone can feel welcome.  

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