Youtuber Arho Sunny Apologises For NFT Promotion Strategy Flak


A video apology was released after people expressed their dissatisfaction over the unveiling of his new NFT in the metaverse. Sunny and his partner are creamy in their introduction video dating from 24 May 2022. The video showcased Sunnys unique Japanese style of digital art.  

It upset some netizens that deemed it should have come from the video instead of asking them to look it up themselves. Sunny says he created his NFT from his digital art drawings. Creamy says it is immature for people to comment so when they have no idea. 

He says you should not buy NFT if you cannot afford it. The video creator says he started drawing digital art when he was 17 years old. He says his video creation is entirely separate from the NFT project. 

People are yelling at the influencer for not explaining why he bought NFT. Some say it was a good move to apologize, others say it is a poor marketing campaign. Johnnie Walker: we do not encourage children to buy NFTs.

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