CA GameFi, Subsidiary of CyberAgent, Announces “ProjectTB” That Delivers “Just Enjoy and Earn” to Players Around the World


“Project TB” is an NFT project developed by the game business sector of CyberAgent. It is one of Japan’s largest mobile game developers with sales of 262.7 billion yen ($2.07 billion) in 2021. 

GameFi is the core of this project. The firm’s human and technical resources will also be used. With a track record of producing numerous original titles, CyberAgent Group’s game business will develop a variety of original IPs with its unique strategy.

In addition to the participation of members with experience in producing hit titles in the CyberAgent Group’s game business. CA GameFi has formed a business alliance with a specialized company that is well experienced in the DeFi field. The best of their experience is being used to develop internal development.

In the future, CA GameFi plans to promote various IP collaborations with major domestic publishers with whom CyberAgent Group’s game business has strong relationships. GameFi will continue to develop the original IP.

This project has an initial investment of over 1 billion Japanese yen (7.87 million). It aims to create a new user base that includes blockchain gamers as well as general players.

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