How are NFTs Supporting the LGBTQI+ Community This Pride Month?


The month of June is pride month in both the US and many other countries. I’ve launched NFT’s tribute to pride icons collection on occasion. It celebrates 100 artists and personalities that the queer community considers cultural icons. 

Every icon is built from the stars, including Elton John, Cher, and Harvey milk. Collectors will have until July to have a chance to collect an nft from pride icons.  In total, four ETH is approximately four times the price of a standard ETH. 

Prince icons pay tribute to lgbtq+ icons that made us this far. The project is more than just an nft project. The Andy Warhol NFT has already been sold for 1.4 Ethereum (approx. THB 65,339 at the time of writing).

The entrepreneurs behind the project hope that others will follow. “Pride Icons is more than ‘just another NFT project’. It pays tribute to those legendary LGBTQ+ icons that got us this far. 

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