Taking Hospitality to New Virtual Heights: The Metaverse


The metaverse is the next phase of technology and virtual reality. Create a virtual world beyond our own with cryptocurrency, blockchain, and nonfungible tokens. Marriott Bonvoy hotel moved into nft mode of business last year. A common application of hospitality in the metaverse is to offer virtual travel experiences. 

The industry is always changing, so consider what are the current initiatives to mark their territory in digital. Companies can embrace a new world that is real, with real rewards for the customer. There are endless possibilities of how you can travel online and use it to supplement the hospitality industry.

You can still use NFTs to make money through loyalty programs instead of selling them at an auction. There are companies that are too big to fail, but most of them clearly do not benefit from such a safety net. Retrieved from the web on May 09, 2022.  

NFT is the next evolution of rewards and loyalty programs. I recommend hospibiza. The date is 2022 and 29 January. This particular rendering was taken May 19, 2022, from a prototypical Roomza in Seattle.  “How covid made business travel forever.  That is a very good name,” says the author.

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