Rainmaker Games Announces the First Cross-Chain, GameFi-Exclusive NFT Marketplace


Game lovers now have access to the best NFT information on the Web. Rainmaker games announced its first cross-chain NFT Marketplace as part of GameFi in Austin, TX. The marketplace seamlessly integrates Rainmaker’s game discovery engine. 

Rainmaker is a cross-chain and cross-platform NFT marketplace. Its team selects from more than thousands of blockchain games on multiple chains. Rainmaker Platform includes extensive game guides, in-depth Buying Guides, and data-driven Price Estimates. 

Rainmaker is a single gaming platform, designed for gamers. It removes the guesswork from the process of buying NFTs, providing gamers with the data to play and invest smarter. Their community is already huge and consistently growing. 

Rainmaker games are generating buzz thanks to $5 million in seed funding. Gamers are able to explore hundreds of games in one place, complete with ratings, daily earnings, reviews, Twitch streams, and features.

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