Robert Irwin Announces Australia Zoo’s First-Ever Collectible NFT Series


‘Australia Zoo’ is launching its first-ever collectible NFT series to support conservation and sustainability efforts. ‘I can watch the sunrise on channel 7 and stream it for free’, says the 18-year-old. There are going to be 2000 unique Warriors Croc NFTs up for grabs. 

It was made with a tech start-up Meadow Labs and it can be sold and traded. I am passionate about wildlife and welcome any way that you can help. NTFS is like physical collector’s items only digital. You can print them out and hang them on the wall or view them on your computer.  

If you have one NFT, the other four are for whoever has one at the Australian zoo. Robert and his sister Bindi and his husband Chandler and his family were extremely happy. They were very happy to be a part of it.

He can’t say that she understood the NFTs going into this, but we certainly have learned a lot. The family welcomed their first child named Grace. He says he lives life around the smallest of family members.  “We are beaming with pride and happiness,” says Robert.

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