What Happens When Gaming Meets Finance?


NFT games are growing in popularity in GameFi, meaning gaming with finance. Players can sell NFT in-game to other collectors and players and earn tokens with P2E models. Blockchain games allow gamers to track and analyze every action they’ve taken and other players’ moves. 

In games like Cryptomines, players buy spaceship NFTs and go on expeditions to earn rewards.  The developers own all ingame tokens that haven’t been distributed yet. As more people play the game their cryptocurrency is traded more, which is technically a profit for the developers. 

Sportzchain aims to bring fans closer to their favorite sports personalities and teams through digital assets. In the near future, there will be a cricket web item. Sports will be key to driving mass adoption of P2E games and solutions, says Jaiswal. 

For NFT gaming adoption, 34 percent of Indians have used P2e games. The popularity of web3 gaming in India has been very positive for the last 5 years, says Rajan Narayan. A KPMG report states that the Indian online gaming market will treble in value and reach $3.9 billion by 2025.

A large market is anticipated for gaming due to all the factors mentioned. A company such as ours is building to dominate the play and earn category of games. But a few gaps need to be addressed such as the regulation of NFTs.

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