Polaris Feature: Dogerift – A Gamefi App Utilizing Nep-11 And Nep-17 Tokens On Neo


DogeRift won the best metaverse and gamefi-NFT project in the Polaris Launchpad hackathon. The game’s first real play, with an earnable version, will have non-fungible, governance, and utility tokens. 

In the last seven years, the team has published over twenty games. Dogerift players can use NFT characters to participate in 3D worlds. Two of the GameFi platform tokens, Doger and DogeF, have already launched on N3. 

In May 2021, the team sold out the first Borred Doge Club and NFT mint in just over six hours. ‘DogeRift’ will have a beta version with player and player compatibility. A character can walk through a 3D world, travel through portals, interact with other live avatars, and play games against each other.  

3D characters can dribble, pass, and shoot balls into the opponent’s goal. DogeRift had the Neo blockchain on their radar long before Polaris Launchpad. The team was pleasant and they knew C#. Neo-supported development in that language was helpful.

Dogeript is a collaborative effort and they look forward to learning and being an asset to the ecosystem. The Polaris Launchpad Planathon has won five times, but the winner of the Grand Prize has been awarded $52,500 for the total.

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