P2E Game, The One-stop Information Aggregation Platform For GameFi and NFT, Has Launched The News Section


Game, a one-stop gamefi, and NFT info aggregator, officially released the beta version. The latest is CALIFORNIA U.S. Media OutReach, June 27th, 2022. The game has brought back important news and selected reports on the game field and NFT tracks so players can get the best information on the market. 

In the News section players can view popularity directly from the Like of each news, saving unnecessary browsing time. In Q3, game airdrop activities are going on, in order to expand P2E ecology. The game has become more than a hundred thousand seed users. 

All players become the owner of the game. The game has just announced a new product helping projects get to their customers. The launchpads gallery contains scores for different launches and comparisons, as well as ROI scores. 

In order to give you the best chance of earning income from IDO, the entry and time to participate are also provided. The game is built by players, who commit to creating a one-stop GameFi and NFT information platform.  

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