WIR Group to Build Metaverse Platform for Mediterranean Countries


The Mediterranean Tourism Foundation aims to develop metaverse technology in the Mediterranean region. The WIR Group is a leading AR virtual reality AI technology company in Southeast Asia. It holds 5 global AR patents. 

The Mediterranean is a great tourist destination in Europe, accounting for 30% of global tourism and 23% of global revenue. Many people, including millennials, prefer authentic and a strong cultural heritage when they travel. 

35% of people from Generation Z liked the Metaverse. 65.81% of them said they would spend money on the metaverse. Millennials use digital technology to order travel services or products. the award was presented to Daniel Surya, President of WIR Group. 

WIR group is one of the pioneers in the Southeast Asia Augmented Reality (AR) industry. It wants to come out with a prototype of Metaverse Indonesia. The WIR group has been in business since 2009 and has served clients in more than 20 countries. 

It has won multiple awards worldwide including Excellent Communications Design Apps at the 2020 German Design Award AR Best Campaign at the Augmented World Expo.

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