Just What Will The Metaverse Office Look Like?


Tech giants have sold various ideas of what a digital era is reshaping modern working. Metaverse is one for creating a virtual reality environment with really high-resolution environments, photorealistic avatars, and more. 

The group is intended to improve interoperability between core visual technologies and key players including meta, Microsoft, Huawei, and Nvidia. The reality of working remotely still involves convincing and engaging virtual environments. 

Early studies suggest building a viable metaverse office. A virtual office is a more engaging and engaging way to work. Australian professionals think VR would make your meetings more enjoyable. 

A study challenged 18 people to engage in a metaverse. Over a fifth of people said working in the metaverse hurt their own happiness. Open source messaging platform slack is not yet joining the virtual world office. 

Slack coo, Stewart Butterfield, has publicly expressed doubts about the metaverse office. Metaverse is curating its own collaborative space with enhancements to its huddles coworking feature. 

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