G-Link: GameFi Platform is Gateway to Web 3.0


Blockchain gamefi is an early growth market that has incredible potential. The traditional gaming industry has slowed down and become crowded. Gaming-related NFTs can generate revenue of around.

Web 3 is a mobile, blockchain gaming platform that makes it easy to meet players, game developers, and investors. It’s a gaming community that breaks the rules of traditional gaming.  newcomers needn’t know. Web 3 simply registers for a single account, similar to web two.

Glink will release four casual to mid-core mobile P2E games in 2022. G-link is in talks with approximately ten developers to bring in a more variety of games. With an ever-expanding gameverse, mobile gamers will have plenty of choices. 

The G-Swap feature allows players to jump from game to game without obligation. Chief Toad will get VIP privileges on G-Link The Genesis NFT Collection. Chief toad can build guilds in the gameverse, enjoy early access to games in beta, and more. 

Glink will be undergoing its initial dex offering in august 2022. Glink follows ERC20 and distributes 1 billion tokens. Seed investment to back your dream game.

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