WAX, Hive, BNB Smart Chain – The Why Of How Gamefi Is Still Afloat


Gamefi is still a fantastic investment despite the overall collapse in the market. Most investors are focusing on the latest issues around cefi. Blockchain gaming is very popular because people are playing for real money. 

Gaming businesses sank by 26 a.m. and blockchain gaming was down by only 5 am. Now gamers from various backgrounds can be found playing in order to earn at least a bit of income. Most analysts say game apps would lose most of their player base if they did not use blockchain games. 

Gaming transactions currently surpass all other market categories by a huge margin (173.17 million). The best method is to process transactions using wax, hive, bnb smart chain, Solana, ronin, and BBB.

With 158.23 million transactions Washington is now the worst in a century. Gaming has been one of the most popular industries for maintaining a user base. The fracking correction to the game world for bitcoin shows that there is a game coming up. If it did not work, then I would not have started any further.

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