Monopoly Millionaire Game Raised $1 Million in Seed Funding


Monopoly Millionaire Game, a marine-themed GameFi, announced that it has completed a seed funding of 1 million US dollars. The game involves island construction, cultivating, shooting, and more. 

It will use the funds to realize the MMG GameFi vision and to attract more people to web3 games. Monopoly Millionaire is a game played by gamers who have experience with large companies such as Apple and Microsoft. 

Players can earn rewards by ping-pong overtime during the NFT life cycle. But like the MMG GameFi Economic model, each NFT is born, which means each can only be used for P2E for a limited period. 

There is a game called P2E based on the NFT BNB chain. Players use Cannon NFT to hunt marine creatures. Each cannon fire consumes gold coins which have a limited daily quota. 

MMG gamefi is a sustainable dual-token economic model, where you can play and play, and make some money. The game is based on a game called Monopoly Millionaire. MMG is the first source of all things Kryptonite related.

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