Bitpanda Pro Adds New Trading Pairs With a Focus on GameFi


Bitpanda Pro Adds New Trading Pairs w GameFi. Axie Infinity and the start of the next era of PC gaming inspired many GameFi projects. Yet the game console is still available, so traders can take advantage of it. 

Bitpanda Pro adds eight new trading pairs to its exchange platform focusing on GameFi. The newly listed trading pairs cover assets from different aspects of crypto, including DeFi, tooling, smart contract, and Game-Fi.

NFPs are non-fungible tokens, FN game games, avatars, lands, costumes, weapons, everything. They can also be removed from games and exchanged for cash or a host of other cryptos. 

GameFi stole the crypto world in 2021. And the number of projects that use this mechanism is still going up. It is more attractive to game fans and investors. Several crypto-currency projects are still using this mechanism. 

The number of GameFi projects surpassed 1,550 games by June 2022, with a total market cap of about $10 billion. Bitpanda Pro will develop projects to help GameFi’s users be more competitive. The list includes native tokens of popular crypto gaming platforms like Gala, Axie Infinity, and The Sandbox.

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