Behold Fidance: The Ultimate NFT Dance Game is Set to Unleash its Players’ Inner Dancers in 2023


Fidance, the latest NFT dance game, will be released in Q2/2023. The metaverse game offers all the songs men require for fun with their best friends. More and more digital monies are being sold. Virtual technology is bringing incredible changes to the real world. 

Players are making more money and running through NFT games. I prefer NFT, they are more enjoyable, have a personal relationship, and can win money. Players have no rights or ownership over those assets; only game developers have all the rights. 

The NFL gaming industry has evolved into a lucrative method of earning a living. Players can earn rewards and NFT assets that can not only be traded but also come into use. The first two iPhone and Android versions of Fidance are going out in Q2 2023. 

And the first impressions of this NFT dance game will be offered to Fidance Crypto Player holders. Fidance is set to enter the metaverse with a maximum supply on 1,000,000,000,000 $FDC. Soon players will be able to purchase $FDC tokens on Pancake Swap and the in-house Fidance Swap. All information about Fidance is available on the Fidance whitepaper.

There are simply no limits to growth on fidance. The player buys equipment, then plays unlimited dance games to win more FDC tokens and valuable NFTs.

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